CELSA was born in 1952 with the production of bags and has developed his production with discs for hamburger, sheets for gastronomy and packaging for foods. Her sister company EUROFILM was born in 1986 and has dedicated his activity to the production of reels.
We work with efficiency and consolidated experiencefor 65 years in order to guarantee an high quality product to our customers.

EUROFILM S.R.L. Zona Industriale Careno
Piazzale Baroffio 1
Tel. +39 0332 401.213 - Fax +39 0332 402.004
21040 VEDANO OLONA (VA) Italy

CELSA S.R.L. Sede legale
Via Turati 15

Stabilimento e Uffici:
Piazzale Baroffio 1
Tel. +39 0332 401.469
Fax +39 0332 404.078
21040 VEDANO OLONA (VA) Italy
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