CELSA started the production of cellophane bags in 1948 in Castiglione Olona (VA).

Then the production of other products started like shred, discs for hamburger, sheets for packaging of foods, packaging for flowers, reels of every size.

In 1986, Celsa decided to found the sister company Eurofilm who started a modern and avant-gard production of reels.

Due to the experiences acquired, continuous updating of production processes and dynamic flexibility, today the two companies can rely on a modern production facility of about 12,000 square meters covered, divided into cutting, rewinding of reels, perforation, punching, production of shred and have a wide warehouse for the storage of the raw materials.


Established in 1986 in Vedano Olona (VA), Eurofilm Srl was created and is still managed by the same owners of Celsa Srl in Castiglione Olona (VA), which since 1952 has a great success in flexible packaging in cellophane and polypropylene film for the packaging of food and industrial products.

The company is specialized in the manufacture of polypropylene film, printed or perforated, and other plastic and / or eco-friendly films for the packaging of food and industrial products.

Eurofilm has a new product developed and patented with a registered trademark SUPERCELL®, a polypropylene film suitable for window boxes, bags, which is very successful in Italy and in the EU countries

Indirizzo: Via per Castiglione 1 - 21040 Vedano Olona (VA)
Telefono: +39 0332 401.213 - +39 0332 401.469
Fax: +39 0332 402.004 - +39 0332 404.078
Pec: celsasrl@pec.it
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